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When Blue Hors started to purchase the first horses for the training centre and stud farm in 1992, there was also a need for good care and supplement products. And thus the Blue Hors Care concept was born.
This meant products that matched the high quality of the horses. Through trial and error, products were found that met the high standards that were required. 
Both grooms and riders were very satisfied with the results they achieved when they used the products and this led to the idea that other Danish horse owners should also be able to use these products.
Today, Blue Hors Care is the most sold range of its kind in Denmark. The range is developed and the products optimised on an on-going basis, so that Blue Hors Care is always at the leading edge of development.
Quality - Research:
The QUALITY of Blue Hors Care feed supplements is ensured in all possible ways.
  • We require that the products are 100% top quality and adapted on the basis of the latest research findings in equine science.


  • Most of the products are developed in collaboration with leading experts at the Irish Equine Centre.


  • Several products are tested at the equine hospital Helsingborg Hestehospital.


  • Human/pharmaceutical-quality vitamins, i.e. of the highest purity and absorbability.


  • The majority of the products are made by medically approved companies. The entire production process, including quality control meets the same stringent requirements that medicine production must meet.


  • The majority of the vitamins are coated, protecting them from degradation from minerals and oxygen, which means they last much longer.


On 12 July 1964, two young men met at a sports academy called Jyske Idrætshøjskole, which was located near Vejle. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Poul Erik Fugmann had both registered for a 14-day horse riding course at the riding institute that was then known as Jysk Rideinstitut, with renowned riding master, Gustav Martens. This encounter was the origin of what would become Denmark's most important dressage and stallion centre.
Breeding and sport in the same business
In the summer of 1965, the two friends were together again on a tour of Hærvejen (sometimes known as the old "Ox-Road"), with horse and carriage. One of the tour camp sites was the meadow at Korshøjgård – a location they thought was incredibly attractive. At the end of the 80s, Poul Erik was visiting Schelenborg, when he saw an empty barn and he immediately proposed it would make a wonderful horse stall. Kjeld agreed that it was a great idea and the barn was re-built and at the end of the 80s, they started to purchase horses for the stud farm, Stutteri Ask.
While they established Stutteri Ask, they struck on the idea of combining breeding and sport, which resulted in them establishing a collaboration with Lone Kroman and Kaj Rosenlund. The stud farm's very first approved stallion for mating was Racing Ask, the son of Racing Ace xx and later in 1992, they purchased the now legendary elite stallion Casir Ask.
Establishment of Blue Hors Dressage
At this time, Poul Erik had a riding equipment business with the name Blue Hors in Vejle. During a meeting, the two friends came up with the idea of starting a stud farm for breeding dressage Warmbloods, combined with a stallion centre. They decided to merge the riding equipment business with the new stud farm and called it Blue Hors. To this day, people ask why there is no "e" in Hors and this is because "hors" is the Old Danish word for horse (for example, the town arms of the Danish town of Horsens bears a horse) and blue is of course, the English word blue.
The aim of the stud farm was to raise standards in the breeding of Danish Warmbloods by purchasing breeding stallions that represented the elite of European dressage horses. At the same time in raising the standard of breeding, the new business also aimed to take Danish dressage to a whole new level. One of the primarily goals was to at all times have a rider from Blue Hors on the Danish national dressage team.
Some years before, Kjeld had unsuccessfully tried to purchase Korshøjgård from its owner Anton Mortensen. However, in 1992, the pair agreed on a deal and they began to modernise the existing buildings and they started to erect the riding hall and stalls in the autumn of that year. Blue Hors Dressage was officially opened on 24 April 1993. In the same year, Lars Petersen and Esben Møller joined the company, as riding master and breeding manager, respectively.  Esben Møller became a director in 1997.
Dressage centre with international profile
Among the very first stallions that were bred at the centre, was the Oldenborg stallion Uffe Korshøjgård, who represented Denmark at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, and Hanoverian stallion Blue Hors Cavan, who competed in the 2000 Olympics in Athens. The dressage centre's success continued and at WEG 2006 in Aachen in Germany, the Danish Warmblood Blue Hors Matiné won individual silver and bronze and at the 2008 Olympics in Hong Kong, Oldenborg stallion Blue Hors Don Schufro was part of the Danish team that won a bronze. Over the years Blue Hors has won the Danish Championship in dressage nine times and has participated in the European Championships, World Championships, Olympics and in World Cup qualifications and finals.
Blue Hors Dressage celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013 and was able to look back with pride. It had established itself as not only the biggest stallion centre in Denmark but as one of the most influential stallion centres in Europe. For a number of years, the centre's flagship has been the internationally renowned Blue Hors Don Schufro and now it has one of the biggest stallion names in Europe – Blue Hors Zack.
Today, Blue Hors Dressage is an ultra-modern dressage centre that hosts many high-profile events such as the Blue Hors Dressage and Foal Championship, the Blue Hors Dressage Festival and in 2014, the Global Dressage Forum.